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We Keep Your Operations in Motion

Delivering powerful solutions to obtain effective and efficient results.


Unlimited MFG Solutions customer support exceeds our competitors by far. We go far beyond the initial sale by solving your problems, addressing your machine challenges and helping you achieve maximum productivity on a daily basis.

Unlimited MFG Solutions commitment is to offer world-class Repair and Maintenance Services delivered expertly by our trained technicians. With the reliability available from a leading service & repair center we formed strategic alliances with many manufacturers and distributors which gives us access to an extended inventory of new, surplus and overstock equipment at very competitive prices and fast delivery times. We have access to millions of dollars of inventory from manufacturers, distributors and partners from all over the world.  Our vast access of common failure components, parts and equipment enables us to offer competitive prices and fast turn around times, maintaining our high quality standards on all services and repairs. Unlimited MFG Solutions offers you service and expertise you can count on to keep your equipment operating as it should.

This commitment offers many benefits to our customers including:

  • Reduce your downtime by keeping critical machines running in top performance
  • Protect your investment by ensuring reliability, versatility and long-life of products
  • Effective and Efficient plan for your maintenance activities and systematic upgrades
  • Leverage our flexible programs to meet unique service requirements of your facility

Service focused on our customers needs:

  • Repair services using OEM parts are performed by trained technicians to the latest specifications
  • We offer stock management of spare parts and products to prevent unplanned downtime
  • Provide diverse programs, tailored to your needs such as upgrades, preventative maintenance and annual contracts
  • On-site services bring the expertise to you, providing quicker commissioning, set-up and diagnostics
  • Access to reliable services that are guaranteed to offer consistent quality anywhere in the world

Our Team:

Our exceptional team and knowledgeable & trained technicians have vast experience in their specific line of services. We utilize the latest technology and have exclusive testing capabilities in order to recondition and rebuilt your equipment according to OEM’s standards and specifications.

Unlimited MFG Solutions is a vendor and service center for many of the largest Manufacturers in the Plastic Injection, Blow Molding, CNC Machinery, Press Simulation, Packaging, Wood Products, Automotive, Iron & Steel, Industrial Machinery, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Power & Energy, and Pharmaceuticals Industries. Make us your exclusive vendor and service center for all your equipment preventive maintenance, breakdowns and emergency repairs. With the expansion of our Robotics, Servo and Hydraulic lab we are a “one stop” repair center servicing many Manufacturers and Distributors in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean.

Unlimited MFG Solutions, ultimate Goal is to keep your critical machines up and running at top performance.


We have developed an extensive network of value-added services and formed strategic alliances with manufacturers, distributors and partners, which gives us access to an extended inventory of new, surplus and overstock equipment at very competitive prices and fast delivery times.

Delivering world-class motion control for testing and simulation means taking customer support far beyond the sale. It means a commitment to working with you to reduce downtime and helping you to get the most from your equipment investment. From system commissioning through Unlimited MFG Solutions services to upgrades, our trained engineers and technicians are on call around the world.

An important advantage of using Unlimited MFG Solutions service team is access to experienced and knowledgeable technicians and engineers that specialize in getting customers up and running efficiently. Our field service technicians and engineers work daily with customers all over the world. Our range of services supports you through the life cycle of your system from commissioning through planned maintenance to upgrades.

List of Services

  • Regular maintenance visits, pre-visits prior to scheduled downtime, and scheduled repairs
  • System troubleshooting
  • Re-installation services
  • Replacements, retrofits or repairs of products
  • Upgrades, tuning or changes in product parameters
  • Turnkey installation planning including design of facilities and development of customized platforms, bridges, frames and linkages
  • Specialized technical training, advice and documentation


Design & Customized solutions for Special applications:

Integration Services when customers require solutions that aren’t “off the shelf”.  Our services are design to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Maintenance, and Rebuilt Service:

Whether you need product maintenance and updating, conversion or an entirely new custom-designed system, we have the capabilities to meet your requirements. Our goal is to  offer cost effective repairs or rebuild your equipment other than than purchase new ones. From basic general preventive maintenance to a full rebuild we are your solution for quality services and provide multiple levels of repairs.

Our certified and trained technicians and associates can identify what’s best for you. Whether it’s repair, rebuild, replacement or even a new, more efficient system. Parts are reworked to their original or improved design specifications and fully tested according to OEM’s specifications.

Technical Support:

Our technicians, engineers and product specialists are trained to assist customers with product solutions for product application and troubleshooting.

Value added service:

We offer products and services that can increase your productivity or reduce your maintenance costs in just about any application. Our strategy is to help make your operations more efficient, keep your operations up and running, increase profitability and reduce your maintenance costs.

We have identified five major cost-saving categories with our valued services:

  1. Increased customer productivity by reducing their down time.
  2. Customer Service & Technical Support.
  3. Effective and Efficient time management of our lead times (Repairs / Rebuilt / Purchase / Exchange).
  4. Provide Quality services and repairs. Reducing customer maintenance costs and warranty returns.
  5. Whether we help you install a unit / equipment or provide full integration services, we ensure that they impact your bottom line.

You can trust that our services are backed by the most knowledgeable &  trained technicians with the support of our team of engineers in your area of concern. We have the capabilities to meet your industrial electronic & automation needs.

Our vast experience, expertise and customer service set Unlimited MFG Solutions apart from our competitors.

Our Customer Service, Sales and Administrative staff are reachable via Phone, E-mail or Fax. Whether your inquiry is a technical question, a request for quotation or pricing for service, we are ready to assist you!

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