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About WAGO:
WAGO is the global leader in spring pressure termination technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling.Their line-up of products includes:
• DIN-rail mount terminal blocks
• Chassis mount terminal blocks
• Relay terminal blocks and modules
• Splicing connectors
• Signal conditioning & surge protection
• Power supplies
• Interface modules
Benefits of WAGO’s CAGE CLAMP®:• Resistant to vibration, corrosion, and temperature cycling
• Over 50% reduction in labor required to make a connection
• No need to rely on worker’s skill level
• Ideal for solid, stranded, or flex wire
• CAGE CLAMP® has very low contact resistance and maintains that over time, even in hostile environments. With screw clamp technology, contact resistance can vary as vibration, corrosion, and temperature cycling affect the point of contact.
• High contact pressure assures low voltage drop
• Wire is surrounded and protected on all four sides by a metal “cage”
• CAGE CLAMP® is maintenance-free

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